Collection: +1.2

+1.2 is a collaborative capsule jewelry collection designed by Naula_studio and Carolin Dieler. +1.2 project is a reaction to the massive wildfires that occurred in 2020 in California, USA .

Our planet temperature globally rose by 1.2 degrees celsius, and the wildfires are only one consequence of it. Inspired by the cinematic atmosphere of these fires we created pieces not only to raise awareness about climate change but also to question the relationship between humanity and nature in the future.

The collection builds up on a statement piece which visualises a breathing gadget, circulating air between the chest and the mouth. A series of wearables repeat the minimal button shape of the mouthpiece and are completed by orange acrylic glass engraved with the quantity of carbon dioxide released by the bushfires – 7.7×107-1.35×1010 MT CO2 – a key fact to the concept of “+1.2”