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Hippocampus Necklace

Hippocampus Necklace

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62 cm long / onesize
Sterling Silver (935)

This piece is hand sculpted in wax and cast using the lost wax casting process. The entire piece is handmade to order in Germany - so you can expect a production time of up to 15 working days.

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Solastalgia describes the feeling of losing the comfort of home due to environmental changes beyond one's control. The feeling of homesickness even though you are still at home. For those who feel comfort and belonging by the sea, the destruction of the marine environment causes distress and a sense of powerlessness.

The fishing industry has one of the most serious impacts on our oceans. The habitat of many creatures in the North Sea had to give way to humanity's destructive fishing methods. However, the seahorse has only recently reappeared in the North Sea after a decades-long absence. A small spark of hope for the well-being of our oceans.

This model is a fusion of elements of artificial fishing gear and the organic shapes and textures of the seahorse.