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Dancing Tomopteris Bangle

Dancing Tomopteris Bangle

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ø 67 mm/ onesize
Sterling Silver (935) or brass

This piece is hand sculpted in wax and cast using the lost wax casting process. The entire piece is handmade to order in Germany - so you can expect a production time of up to 15 working days.

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Plankton, also called “drifters” or “wanderers,” are a group of organisms that rely on the winds, currents, and tides of the ocean to move from one place to another. Plankton forms the basic level of the marine food web - but not only as a food source but also as a carbon sink, the well-being of plankton is crucial to the future of humanity.

Tomopteridae are a family of zooplankton. They occur in the North Sea and impress with their rare yellow bioluminescence. Tomopteridae are fast swimmers and can even maneuver and hunt other zooplankton. Their segmented parapodia were the source of inspiration for this bangle.