Zwei Hauptstädte - Zwei Pop-Ups

Two Capitals - Two Pop-Ups

I am so excited to share with you that two pop-ups will be opening their doors in the next few days and you will be able to try on, look at and buy my jewelry!


This Saturday the market will take place in the basement of and I will be accompanied by the greatest brands in town!

@sneakersnstuff provides a space for the creative community to connect and network, so if you're interested in exploring the community and the next issue of STUFF, mark your calendar!

There will be iced coffee and some Vietnamese food that @fraulamskueche will organize for us. If you're more into cocktails, we have the popular for you.

If you stay long enough, @delusionalpuppy will send you into space with his insane groove.

Artists: @__formless__ @iownalidl @maawitt @xoxo.dilco @adrienne.kammerer @project___lom

Jewelry Designers: @asteriskonline @atixjewelry @yourfavgalcherry @atelier_park217 7 @_zitteraal_ @toothcraftgrillz @carolindieler @peachy_._clam._

Clothing Designers: @child.against.society @chilli.corsets @clothesexstaz @iska.oris @genoveva_shauli @annonce710_1110 ounce7

Tattoo artist: @psotyy_ @candy_blank_

Poster by the amazing



CLUB Concept Store launches April 29th! Visit East London and experience a curated selection of independent brands and creative workshops. Doors open April 29th and the store will stay open until May 13th. I can't wait for my jewellery to be available in London for the first time!

Artwork by @katie_gulson

Brands: @rosaliebellvintage @beanbaby1111 @kaboclothing @tasteofmoon_ @mariolahomoncik @tashagoodhew @sourtai @_katyalena @kon.sen.suss @dydoshop @beadsbyedie @pompeznaya_ebuchka @fairygorlvintage @nimph_ @luupi___ @warm.metal @baobei_label @flora.zhai .jewels @maldonado__camila @migle_editions @palomalirastudio @laoma.atelier @fantasticbabyshakalaka @pipilarpi @billy_waterworth_jewellery @ragsredone @bonchetx @elonapopova_ @carolindieler @araknyyd @araknyyd @lonelyobjects_ @andreal_rebirth @maydebymay @brownbreadldn @ionahindmarchbisset @notjustanothervintageshop @aapostrophea @vanessabaernthol @lovecutsilver @saffymcnamara @happybellyman @weakgeneration.official @niatopalova_ @by.marrrrr

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