Meine Abschluss-Kollektion "Sublime Devastation ist raus!

My graduation collection "Sublime Devastation is out!

According to scientific forecasts, our oceans are facing drastic changes. These changes are partly caused by natural fluctuations, but humanity is responsible for the magnitude of these challenges. This collection explores the history, contemporary development, and future potential of the connection and disconnection between humanity and the ocean. The hypothesis is that humanity could reconnect with nature through a sublime experience. If humanity reconnected with the ocean and gained an understanding of how dependent we are on marine ecosystem services, the value and respect for the sea would increase. – “Sublime Devastation”, a project that aims to reconnect and sensitize. 

You can find the entire collection here!


Photographer @david.lemanski
Models @nurschnur @ernst5606
Hair and makeup @anetagraniger
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