Glamour South Africa

Glamor South Africa

Dark Side of the Moon

My jewelry can be found in the new issue of Contributor magazine! The model is wearing the Zostera Marina earring , the Anomura ring as an ear cuff, the Anomura necklace , the Degraded Medusozoa necklace , the Corroded Link earrings , the Homarus ring , the Baby Physalia ring as an ear cuff and the Sessilia earrings . Thank you for the styling Jaqueline Denise Tamm!



for @glamour_sa AUG/SEP 2023
Art direction, photographer & retoucher: Levin Lee @levinlee_
Model: Huiru Hao @huiru.hao from Modelwerk @modelwerk
Stylist: Jacqueline Denise Tamm @jacques_denise
Hair and make-up: Miriam Kristal @miriam.kristal from Maison Musitowski @maisonmusitowski
Photography Assistant: Victoria Li @imvictoriali
Styling assistant: Valentino Tessaris @cattivovalentino

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