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I never tire of emphasizing how important it is to me to entrust my creations to the hands of other creative people from time to time and to experience what they see in my jewelry, on whom, in what context and in what setting.

I think this photo series has become very special and I am eternally grateful that my work found its way into this set. Many thanks to the stylist Alice Secchi for seeing and requesting my jewelry in this project!

About the project:

"The Anthropocene has passed. We are bacteria and calluses, bones and water—cyborgs with branded clothes, shrubs without soil. CHILDREN OF THE CTHULUCENE is a speculative observation of the present. We portray the alienation of the world, of nature, of the human, and the more-than-human. Just so we can drift from alienation to reconciliation. Just so we can dehumanize ourselves. To be reborn in the rich humus, and the mycelia, the underground constellation of stars. To become trees and mushrooms, every bone; shining into the fiery sun ablaze at the Earth's core. We are standing on the weathered grasses of a scorched world, with dry tears – and full of hope."

Found in photos are the Hippocampus Ear Cuff and the Degraded Medusozoa Ear Cuff . You can find the entire photo series here .

photographer JENDRIK SCHRÖDER @jendrik.schroeder
stylist ALICE SECCHI @iamaliceice
hair artist TAIGA @tga_official
make-up artist KATHRIN HIESELMAYR @kathrin.hieselmayr
set design ALICE WONG & DAMON LINLEY (TU3 STUDIO) @tu3studio
producer MELINDA HIGHTON @melindahighton
set design assistant KEVIN CUI @keven0seven
fashion assistant JANA STAHLBERG @janastax
photography assistant LUISA NEUNER @luisaaa.neuner
& MARKUS SPITTA @markus_spitta
studio and support DELIGHT RENTAL @delightrent
production OFFSHOOT BERLIN @offshoot_berlin⁠
model SILJA DENT @siljadent
model MARCELLA MARSCHNER @marcella1532
model agency MODELWERK @modelwerk

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