Avi Jakobs in handgefertigtem Schmuck von Carolin Dieler

Avi Jakobs in handmade jewelry by Carolin Dieler

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have a huge weakness for "home tours" and "home-makeover" shows. So of course I immediately watched the first season of the German "Queer Eye" (a series on the streaming platform Netflix) when it came out in 2022. One of the “Fab Five” is Avi Jakobs and when I saw her flash across the screen a short time later in the ARD format Beyond Fashion, I started following her on social media. I was really impressed by her style and the open manner in which she presented herself on television.

This is why I was beyond excited when a message from Avi or her assistant Fritz arrived in my inbox at the end of January. Fritz saw my jewelry during the multi-brand pop-up last December and asked if I wanted to outfit Avi with my jewelry for various events at Berlin Fashion Week. Of course I wanted to!

A few days later, Avi stood in my studio to choose the perfect pieces of jewelry for her looks - and the styling was stunning! I can only emphasize again and again how rewarding it is to see my work through other people's eyes - how my jewelry becomes part of their vision, their creative expression.

Since last week, the second season of “Beyond Fashion” has been available to stream in the ARD media library! This time again with Avi as presenter.
In the pictures Avi is wearing the Corroded Shackle Choker , Disrupted Anthozoa Necklace , Corroded Link Earrings , Large Sessilia Ear Cuffs , Corroded Link Ear Cuff and Corroded Double Shackle Ear Cuff .
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