Archive Sale!

Archive Sale!

My collaboration with Naula_studio was my first ever international creative jewelry collaboration. I met Loan during my internship with Chris Habana in NYC and have kept in touch ever since. After we both graduated, we started this wild journey of creating together. She lived and lives in Bali, Indonesia, and I live in Germany.

This collaboration proved that creativity is limitless. However, the most important aspect of this collaboration was the conceptual translation that we realized in each piece by choosing to raise awareness about global warming. At the time there were many wildfires in California, the world was on fire, the sky was bright orange, the smoke was choking. We then created a meaningful line.

To celebrate this unique partnership and intertwined journey, we have decided to offer our pieces for an Archive Sale. This will allow us to enter new eras within our works as designers and co-creators.

Get 50% off the entire +1.2 Collection!

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