Kategorie: Soaked with Lives

And you hear the object whisper: "think of me while I'm gone."

Patches of land soaked with the lives of those who belong underwater. Lives taken by men from north to south and west to east - the sea exploited by humanity for trivial everyday objects. Creatures with families that feel togetherness, happiness, loss, and pain just like we do - brutally massacred over decades. An industry constantly developing new tools, equipment, and machinery to increase their effectiveness in wiping out species after species of whales.

This new collection of jewelry processes the industrial whaling of the 18th Century into wearable objects. Objects containing the melancholy and loss our own ancestors have caused - reminding us of how precious each and every single living being in and out of the water is. Little precious reminders of our privilege and responsibilities in sustaining this mesmerizing planet we call our home.