Every process starts with an in-depth research. I like building an entire story as a base for the collection. When I have the story I am starting to sketch 2- and 3-dimensionally. These sketches then get translated into 3-dimensional objects. Sometimes with my hands in soft wax, sometimes on the computer with a CAD program. As soon as I have all the Wachsmodels ready – these models are going to the casting company to be cast with the lost wax technique.

When the objects are cast in metal they come back to the studio for assembly, soldering and polishing.

Made to order

Each piece is made to order and measure. Meaning no unnecessary stock is made in advance. This saves resources and makes sure that you receive a piece to your measurements and liking.


Each piece is (partially) handmade. During my design studies I learned the techniques behind jewelry making and am giving the long tradition of jewelry crafting my own spin.


The jewelry that can be ordered is cast in Sterling Silver – which is always 50% new material and 50% “old” material – saving raw material while assuring good casting quality. The gold-plating you can opt for is done with 100% recycled gold.

Local Suppliers

As you can see above each piece is going through the process of wax modeling, lost wax casting and finishing. The wax modeling and also the finishing is happening in house here in Cologne, Germany. The casting is done my a specialist company in Idar-Oberstein, Germany.


All shipping between the casting company and the atelier in Cologne is done as condensed as possible and only in recycled shipping material. 
All customer shipments are sent out in the signature Carolin Dieler packaging and executed by DHL – always with a “go green” CO2 compensation.


Your order will arrive safely in a jewelry box and the entire packaging consist of following components:
BOXES- plastic free – EUTR compliant paper – made in Europe – handcrafted 
– FSC certified paper – CO2 reduced production – made in Germany
– PUR Foam – oil based! – no sufficient plastic free and vegan solution found just yet
FSC certified paper – plastic free
FSC certified paper – plastic free – climate-neutral print
100% cotton fiber – non-toxic
plastic free – recycled – recyclable – made in Germany – FSC certified wood – vegan – waterbased ink
plastic free – no silicones