Sessilia Bracelet


22 cm long
131,1 g
Sterling Silver

Solastalgia describes the feeling of loosing ones comforting home to environmental change that is out of ones control. The feeling of homesickness while still being at home. Feeling comfort and belonging by the ocean the destruction of the marine environment causes distress and a feeling of powerlessness.

Oil platforms pose great risks to the marine ecosystem. Disastrous oil spills have occurred many times, as a result of which many marine creatures lost their lives.

This model is a fusion of elements from manmade oil drilling machinery and organic textures and shapes from northsea crustaceans.

This piece is handmodeled in wax and cast with the lost-wax-method. The entire piece is handmade in Germany and made-to-order – so please expect a production time of up to 15 working days.

If you wish for a different length or material please contact me and we will find a solution.