Chunky Floating Physalia Necklace

1.350,00 3.050,00 

56 cm long
Sterling Silver / Brass / Gold-Plating

Also described as “Drifters” or “Wanderers” Plankton are a group of organisms that rely on the winds, currents, and tides of the ocean to get from one place to another. Plankton are building the base level of the marine food web – but not only as a food source but also as a carbon sink the wellbeing of plankton is essential for a future of humanity.

Physalia Physalis – also known as “man-o-war” – belongs to the siphonophores and is a colonial organism. Inspired by the longest kind of zooids I applied a similar texture to the rims of these Necklace-Links. The Physalia Physalis lives at the oceans surface, passively moved by the winds, tides and currents, using a sail-like floatation bladder. The “sail” of the colony just as the zooids (that differ in function but not genetically) display a diverse range of colours.

This piece is 3d-modeled on the computer, 3d-printed in wax and cast with the lost-wax-method. The entire piece is made in Germany and made-to-order – so please expect a production time of up to 15 working days.