October 2022

Solastalgia describes the feeling of loosing ones comforting home to environmental change that is out of ones control. The feeling of homesickness while still being at home. Feeling comfort and belonging by the ocean the destruction of the marine environment causes distress and a feeling of powerlessness.

The oil-industry as well as the fishing industry and the pollution through plastic garbage are three majorly destructive impacts on our oceans.

Ana Lysiker by Daniela Petrovic

Amro Assy by David Lemanski


July 2022

For centuries humanity has build floats and boats to cross lakes, rivers and the ocean. Next to wood also metal has been used and is still used to build ships. But just as mankind is inflicting damage on the marine environment by using its ressources the water is affecting human gear with corrosion to a degree of decay.
This collection is the result of a technical experiment, recreating the texture of corroded metal.


Oktober 2021

Also described as “Drifters” or “Wanderers” Plankton are a group of organisms that rely on the winds, currents, and tides of the ocean to get from one place to another. Plankton are building the base level of the marine food web – but not only as a food source but also as a carbon sink the wellbeing of plankton is essential for a future of humanity.

Stella Bilanovic by David Lemanski

Amani Ruyange by David Lemanski

Sublime Devastation ° Thin Sublime

April 2021

+1.2 - Naula_studio x Carolin Dieler

February 2021

+1.2 is a collaborative capsule jewelry collection designed by Naula_studio and Carolin Dieler. +1.2 project is a reaction to the massive wildfires that occurred in 2020 in California, USA .

Our planet temperature globally rose by 1.2 degrees celsius, and the wildfires are only one consequence of it. Inspired by the cinematic atmosphere of these fires we created pieces not only to raise awareness about climate change but also to question the relationship between humanity and nature in the future.

The collection builds up on a statement piece which visualises a breathing gadget, circulating air between the chest and the mouth. A series of wearables repeat the minimal button shape of the mouthpiece and are completed by orange acrylic glass engraved with the quantity of carbon dioxide released by the bushfires – 7.7×107-1.35×1010 MT CO2 – a key fact to the concept of “+1.2”

Elexa Tanner by Oktavian Adhiek Putra

Justine Maleewan by David Lemanski

Thin Sublime

December 2020

Edmund Burke once understood the sublime as an immediate exhilaration which does not translate into intellectual response. This describes the thin sublime. The overwhelming sublime experience which however does not result in personal action.

Fender Bag

October 2020

Charif Ounis by David Lemanski

Nur Özavci and Peter Ernst by David Lemanski

Sublime Devastation

July 2020

Our oceans are facing drastic changes according to scientific prognoses. These changes are partially caused by natural fluctuations, but humanity is accountable for the momentousness of these challenges. This collection is exploring the history, contemporary development and future potential of the connection and disconnection between humanity and the ocean. The hypothesis is, that mankind might be able to reconnect with nature through a sublime experience. If humanity would reconnect with the ocean and win back an understanding on how dependent we are on marine ecosystem services the value and respect for the sea would rise. – “Sublime Devastation” a project aiming to reconnect and sensitize.